Abouchar SA

A family’s story

The Abouchar family has been working in the diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones industry for 3 generations now. The family business was initially launched in the Middle-East, and then in Switzerland, in Zurich and Geneva. Benefiting from important intergenerational skills and experiences, Charles Abouchar completed his economic studies and then went on to develop his skills by working for Swiss and international jewellery big brands.
He starts his own company in 1979. His expertise in this domain, combined with a great field experience contribute to the quality of the stones bought and offered for sale, which meet the expectations of sophisticated clients.

In 1988, the company goes into partnership with Diastar (Zurich) and thus it joins the Sandawana calibrated emerald production, regularly used in watchmaking and jewellery. However, due to the political situation in Zimbabwe, Charles Abouchar decides to start working with Brazilian emeralds


The experience acquired in cutting small-sized emeralds enables the Company to go into the business of high precision cutting of other gemstones for watches. Thanks to a cutting factory in Thailand and in Brazil, the company can meet all specific demands. Furthermore, as the Company doesn’t hesitate to improve the cutting of their centre stones, they manage to ameliorate the overall appearance of the stone.

Who whe are

With a head office located in the heart of Geneva, we are a team of 7 people dedicated to meeting the needs of all our customers. With a reputation of accuracy and efficiency, as well as excellent relations around the world, we are pleased to offer our services all over the world, from USA to Japan, while at the same time being present on the Swiss market.

The director, Charles Abouchar, is on the Managing Board of the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF), and he is also the President of the Swiss Association of Precious Stones Dealers (ASNP). Very concerned with transparency issues concerning the treatments sometimes used in our industry, he represents Switzerland at the CIBJO (World Jewellery Confederation) regarding coloured stones, diamonds and pearls, with a view to encourage harmonisation and cooperation among the jewellery industry in order to maintain consumers’ trust.
Charles Abouchar spends most of his time travelling and visiting our clients, and participating to events and annual international fairs, such as Tucson, Bâle, Hong-Kong, or the Beijing fair.


Over time, the Company’s stock naturally grew. Today, its vast choice of gemstones comprises:

  • Calibrated stones of all sorts and colours for jewellery and watchmaking
  • 1 to 4mm African and Brazilian calibrated emeralds
  • A wide choice of 1 to more than 10 carats diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, in every material and shape, extravagant and classic, recognized by the market

For a few years now, we are also offering a wide choice of Ethiopian and Australian opals

Serving national and international clients

We provide personalised services to our customers while meeting our delivery deadlines. Our Quality Control department ensures the delivery of a product which meets their expectations from sorting to packaging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need more information. Thank you for your trust.