Calibrated Gemstones

Calibrated Gemstones

We offer a wide choice of calibrated round gemstones in the following watchmaking quality materials (32/24; 24/16; 8/8), and which are intended for jewellery production as well

  • Blue Sapphires (light, medium, dark);
  • Pink Sapphires (light, medium, dark);
  • Yellow Sapphires (light, medium, dark);
  • Orange Sapphires (light, medium, dark);
  • Purple Sapphires;
  • Rubies;
  • Emeralds (Sandawana, Brazil);
  • Tsavorite Garnets (light, middle, dark);
  • Colour changing Garnets (CC);
  • Amethysts;
  • Pink and red Spinels;
  • Brilliant cut, 8/8 and expensive diamonds;

You can get these different stones in jewellery quality in the size of your choice, going from 1 to 4mm or more. Of a high quality for watchmaking, stones from 0.5 mm are available.
It is also possible to have special lots of calibrated stones like the padparadscha sapphires, natural brown and red sapphires, or even demantoids, however, it is impossible to guarantee every size for these stones.
There is always a certain quantity of goods in Geneva. Nevertheless, for large quantity orders of calibrated stones, or for special orders, please expect a two to four weeks’ delivery time.

Dear Customers,

In order to help us prepare your quotes, please see below for a calculating app. It calculates the weight for all types of stones of different sizes. A 10% tolerance weight margin must be taken into account.
Once you have completed the list of the stones you need, please email it to us, and we will send you the price.

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